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Control Valve

Control valve are integral part of fluid flow systems which are usually controlled automatically by pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical actuators. These valves control flow of fluids, their pressure, temperature and Fluid level. These open and close fully or partially in response to signals received from the control room. Inmarco specializes in providing suitable Packings for these valves which can simultaneously withstand to various parameters of fluid flow system such as temperature pressure and media etc.

Inmarco Style 503

Operational Parameters :
SIZE 3mm² to 50mm²
pH 0-14
TEMPERATURE (°C) -250 to +650


STYLE 503 is a unique combination packing of expanded graphite yarn and carbon fibre yarn. This is one of the best solutions of sealing for all type of high pressure and high temperature valves specially in Control Valves.

STYLE 503 is also extremely suitable for soot blower application.

STYLE 503 is having a core consist of expanded graphite yarn reinforced with multiple inconnel wire further jacketed with fine inconnel wire mesh. The outer cover of the packing is braided with high strength-low friction-non scoring carbon yarn.

STYLE 503 is finally incorporated with INORGANIC PASSIVE CORROSION INHIBITOR and graphite based proprietary HITHERM dispersion. This passive corrosion inhibitor safeguards parent equipment from galvanic corrosion and also reduction of LOSS ON IGNITION.


∎ This packing does not disintegrate on cutting.
∎ HITHERM dispersion acts as a blocking agent.
∎ This packing adopts to worn out surface and pitting with smooth running.
∎ Dissipates heat without chemical hardening.
∎ Extremely smooth removal during shutdown.

Typical Applications:

All types of Valves and Soot blowers, Specially Control Valve.

Service Media:

Hydrocarbon, Super heated & Saturated steam, Thermic fluid, Ammonia, Fuel oil, Lube oil, Non oxidizing liquids & gases, Amides, Dyes, Chemicals & Acids, Gasoline, etc.

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