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Eco-Friendly Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet

image005Highly recommended for low stress & steam applications


Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet specially created with environmentally friendly solvent free process. Unique features of superior sealability, strong durability and excellent flexibility are distinguished from the conventional products.

Eco-Friendly NA-333 protect fluid contamination and suitable for steam and clean line.

Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet is optimized for general application and provide stable service ranges in water, oil, gas & steam, fluids, etc.


Gas Permeability High grade of next generation gasket, Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet shows excellent gas permeability with dedicated protection from fugitive emission control which is considered the possible risk of fire & explosion etc. it provides distinguish level of TA-Luft acceptance criteria.

-Test Method : VDI 2440 (TA-Luft.
-(Techniche Anleitung Zur Reinhaltung Der Luft : Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control)


Peak Pressure and Blow Out

Leak rate on internal pressure applied.
According to Global oil major’s type acceptance test, this test verifies sta-
ble sealing performance without leakage and breakage when internal pres- sure increases beyond 60 bar with minimum gasket seating stress main- tained. This test shall meet related industries requirement

Steam Service

Based on excellent gas permeability, it provides stable sealability in steam applications compared with conventional CNAF. Normally drastic change of thermal or pressure cycling is highly effected on sealability, but high dense inner structure of Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet enhances longer and lower life cycle cost for customers.


Actual field test performed at a chemical plant to confirm excellent durability above specified condition and leakage has not detected at steam line for 1,000 days.

Insulation Properties

In accordance with authorized institute, Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet demonstrates out- standing results in electrical isolation performance. Compare to testing result against conventional CNAF and reinforced PTFE materials, Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet has the highest level of electrical isolation performance in ambient and water dipping condition.

Stress Relief

With superior heat resistance of Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet, above test result demonstrates excellent sealability in critical conditions (high temperature & pressure but reducing seating stress). This strength has shown stable seal- ing advantage on relief bolting stress at high temperature condition.

Low Seating Stress

With special UMCS*, Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet shows outstanding stability at low seating stress where achieving standard torque is not possible in ac- tual assembling construction fields.


Simultaneously applied condition of high seating stress 120MPa and 200°C, Eco
Friendly Gasket Sheet has strong physical properties and less deformation while test- ing verification of gasket thickness, surface change and breakage.


Eco Friendly Gasket Sheet has designed to considering low maintenance costs. Per-formance testing under the condition of 120MPa and 200°C. Eco Friendly Gasket
Sheet has shown excellent and easy removability with no adhesion on the flange sur- faces. This contributes to cost saving and flange protection.


Specially designed by UMCS* process contributes to re-markable improvement in high productivity and excellent die-cutting ability as against conventional CNAF*.

TYPE NA333 Eco friendly, innovative technology, solvent free construction. It shows strong durability and superior low stress applications.
Operational Parameters:
Description Test method Result
Density (g/cm³) 1.9
Tensile Strength Across grain. Mpa (kgf/mm² ASTM F152 10
Compressibility (%) ASTM F36 10
Recovery (%) Procedure A & J 75
Immersion Prop ASTM F146
ASTM Oil # 3 (150ºC x 5hrs) Thickness Increase (%) 4
ASTM Fuel B (20~30ºC x 5hrs)
Thick Increase (%) 7
Weight Increase (%) 10.0 (1.02)
Gas Permeability (ml/min) DIN 3535-6 ≤0.01
Relaxation Stress (MPa) DIN 52913 20
-50MPa 16hrs @ 175ºC
Leak Rate VDI 2440 (*TA-Luft) 2•10-8
(mbar•l/[s•m]) @ 150 ºC x 48hrs)
Short-term Peak Pres 60kg/cm² (850psi)
Continuous Temp -50ºC ~ 180ºC
Short-term peak Temp Max 260ºC
pH Range 4 – 11
Design data (thick mm) “m” factor “y” factor
3.2 2 112
1.6 2.75 260
0.8 3.5 457