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Applications :

    1. Cement Industry
    2. Chemical Industry
    3. Pulp and Paper Industry
    4. Power Station
    5. Refineries
    6. Shipbuilding
    7. Steel Mills
    8. Sugar Industry
    9. Materials handling technologies
    10. Water Pipes
    11. Desalination Plants


  • Expansion joints are critical system components in a vast array of industries.
  • Expansion joints are useful for conveying fluids and absorbing movements between sections or pipeline. With a correct design they are able to absorb axial, lateral and angular movements offering both safety and insulation against noise and vibrations.
  • The purpose of an expansion joint I general, regardless of design or materials of construction, is to provide a point of flexibility in a piping or duct system in order to absorb the growth of piping due to thermal changes in the media and/or the environment, and to absorb the dynamic movement of machinery, buildings and structures that the piping is attached to or a part of.
  • INMARCO offers many types of these expansion joints, standards and non standards to be supplied. Please enquire with us for suitable recommendation.

Basic Information Needed:

  • Certain basic information about the pipeline system is required in order to select and order expansion joints. Data required about the system includes:
    • Maximum working pressure
    • Working Temperature
    • Axial, Lateral (or) Angular movement
    • Pipe size
    • End fittings
    • Bellow material
    • Velocities
    • Accessories (Liners, covers, Tie Rods)
  • Our Expansion joints are designed to last as long as the system. They are maintenance free.