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Metallic Gaskets

Ring Joint Gasket

Metallic Ring


Ring joint gaskets are metallic waling rings suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications and are fitted in ring groove type flanges. They are widely used in the Oil / Petrochemical industry and in valves and pipe work. Choice of material may be determined to suit higher temperatures and aggressive media. They comply with ASME B16.20 standards and API spec 6A. Ring type Joint Gaskets are designed to seal by “initial line contact” or wedging action between the mating flange and the gasket. By applying pressure on the seal interface through bolt force, the softer metal of the gasket flows into the micro fine structure of the harder flange material, creating J very tight and efficient seal.

Standard Ring Joints

Style R Oval


The contact face is in oval shape. It provides a high reliability seal. These gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API 6A of ASME B16.20 to suit API613 and ASME/ANSI B16.5 Flanges. Fits the round and flat bottom ring groove flange.

Style R – Octagonal


More accurate in dimensions and surface finish than oval type because it consists of straight surfaces only. A higher torque load is required to flow the gasket material into imperfections of the flange facings. These gaskets comply with APl6A of ASME B-16.20. to suit AM 6B and ASME/ANSl B16.5 Flanges Fits only the modern flat bottom groove flange.

Style BX


The BX type RTJ gaskets are manufactured on accordance with API 6A and are suitable for use in high pressure API 6BX flanges. The gaskets form a metal to metal seal on assembly and the efficiency improves as internal pressure increases. All BX sizes have a pressure relief hole to equalize pressure across sealing faces.

Style RX


The RX type RTJ gasket it manufactured in accordance to API 6A and ASME B16.20 to suit API 6B and ASME/ANSI B16.5 flanges. The RX is a pressure energized version of the R octagonal gasket and fits the R type flat bottomed groove. The RX has an increased height and utilizes the internal system pressure to energize and improve the seal as internal pressure increases. Some RX sizes have a pressure relief hole to equalize pressure on both sides of the sealing faces.

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