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Inmarco Non-Asbestos Jointings are made of exotic fillers and elastomeric Rubber binders. These are available in different size sheets and Thicknesses. These static sealing Materials are manufactured by carefully choosing different fillers like Aramid fibers, Cellulosic, Carbon, Glass Etc. and are bound by different rubbers to calendar into a sheet The application area is vast and is used in numerous industries. Gasket material Selection depends on many factors like pressure, operating temperature, chemical composition, media, type of flange, number of bolts.

Eco-Friendly Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet

Injoint Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet

Ingraf Graphite Gasket Sheet

Inflon PTFE Gasket Sheet

Inrub Rubber Gasket Sheet

Inbond Cork Gasket Sheet


Inmatex Joint Sealant

Inmatex Joint Sealant

Inmatex Expanded Ptfe Gasket Sheet

Special High Temperature Gasket Sheet


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